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Western Odisha Art and culture

Aug 27, 2020
Sambalpuri dance
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Western Odisha is a Part of Odisha.Which is rich with the “Art and culture”,Natural Resources.

India having a 29 states and 8 union territories.Out of 29 states odisha is one of beautiful state of india. Which is located the eastern part of india and western odisha is a part of them.Western odisha rich with the “Art and culture”,Natural Resources.

The area of the proposed Kosal state is more than 50,000 km2.Western odisha full with the natural resources,temple and people having the interior talent. Western Odisha consists of the districts of sambalpur,Bargarh, Bolangir, Jharsuguda, Nuapada, Subarnapur, Kalahandi, Baudh, Sonepur, Koraput, Kandhamal, and Sundargarh.

Availability of Natural Resources :(Iron ore,Bauxite,coal,Dolomite,Graphite,Manganese ore)

Western odisha region is fill with minerals. Huge amount of Iron ore is available in at Tensa and Barsuan in Sundargarh district, Bauxite is available at Gandhamardan in Bargarh district, Coal is available in Himgir in Sundargarh district and Rampur in Jharsuguda district. Plenty amount of Dolomite is available at Dubulabera and Kangorama in Sambalpur district and Lephripada in Sundargarh district.

Huge amount of Graphite also is available at Patnagarh and Titilagarh in Balangir district. Manganese ore is available in Balangir district. Also huge Fireclay is available at Belpahar in Jharsuguda district, Gandawara in Sambalpur district and some places of Sundargarh district.

Culture and Art:

Western Odisha is full with several Art and culture.It influenced by different cults and religions.Folk songs like Danda (Danda Yatra and Danda Nata) recognized during the last quarter century,which is considered to be one of the oldest forms of entertainment in India.

To the modern “Krushnaguru Bhajan”, different a types of folk and songs. In western odisha the all peoples conversation with sampuri language. Sambalpuri language songs are quite popular throughout Odisha. Some hits include Rangabati, Maila jada,Ekda Ekda, Dalkhai and much more songs.When sambalpuri songs starts with DJ music than no one can stop his/her body from dance.

Generally in music Dhol,nisan and tasa are famous to create a music.Now a days its most popular and most of the sambalpuri artist get a chance to performed his talent in outside of odisha as well as outside of the country.

“Rangabati”is a modern composed Sambalpuri song inspired by folk music and this song written on 1975.This song gets more popularity in 1980’s and 1990’s, not only odisha but Throughout the India.”Rangabati” song sung by Mr.Jitendra Haripal and Krishna patel.

Sambalpuri saree

Sambalpuri saree and clotes are fomous,not only india as well as out side of india.Varieties of the Sambalpuri sari include Sonepuri, Pasapali, Bomkai, Barpali, and Bapta saris, which are in high demand. Most of sambalpuri sarees have been named after their places of origin and are popularly known as Pata.

God and Godess:

Samaleswari Temple

Peoples of western odisha are pray to god and godess as per the locality.In sambalpur peoples are decicated to the “SAMLEI MAA ” or “samaleiswari’,in kalahandi people dedicated to the godess “Manikeswari”.Nuapada region peoples are dedicated to the godess “samleiswari” and “Raktambari”.Sital sathi jatra is very famous festival in western odisha. Most of the ousiders from western odisha come to see the satal sathi jatra.

Most of famous tourist place of Western Odisha:

NuapadaNuapada, Budhikomna, Yogimatha, and Patalganga
SonepurSonepur, Charada of Binka (Papaks-haya ghat)
SambalpurSambalpur, Hirakud, Huma, Chiplima, Ushakothi & Gudguda
BolangirBolangir, Harishankar, Patnagarh, Ranipur, Jharial, Jogisarada, Turkela and Saintala
BargarhBargarh and Nursinghanath
JharsugudaJharsuguda, Viramkhol, Brajarajnagar
KalahandiBhawanipatna, Ampani, Phurli -jharan, Karlapat, Asurgarh, Belkhandi,Gudahandi, Junagarh and Thuamul Rampur
SundargarhSundargarh, Rourkela, Junagarh,Vedavyas, Uhsakothi, Mandira, Khandadhara, Deodaraha, Ghogar, Darjeeng, Miriglotah and Chhatri Hill

Festival: (Nuakhai)

Nuakhai is an agricultural and biggest festival of odia people.Mainly This festival observed in Western Odisha and Southern Chattishgarh in india.

As per calendar this day is celebrate panchami tithi or the fifth day of the lunar fortnight of the month of Bhadraba month or also called Bhadraba masa or it comes August or September month as per english Calendar.

This Day always comes after the Ganesh puja (Chaturthi tithi).

Generally this Nuakhai festival is observed to welcome the new rice of the season.

It has a big festival for farmers and the agricultural community. At a particular time the nuakhai festival celebrated which is called lagan. Every year the Nuakhai celebrated at a specific lagan or time.

The festival is observed throughout Odisha. but it is particularly important in the life and culture of  western odisha.It is a festival for the worship of food grain near to god (Ista devi).

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