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Sundar Pichai Biography & Career

Aug 20, 2020
Sundar Pichai
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Pichai Sundararajan famously known as “sundar Pichai”born on 10 June 1972 in Madurai Tamil Nadu India.His father Reghunatha Pichai worked as an electrical engineer and managed the factory that made electrical components his mother Lakshmi used to be a stenographer

Pichai’s life story is the Inspirational for Every one.He is the Dreamer the people’s leader and the Rain maker in the corporate world of business. sundar Pichai is one such person who did not limit himself in the field of success. the vast majority who have succeeded in their lives have had their “fair share of challenges” in the event that each and every individual who won the race had a supported past there would be no inspirational stories to inspire the individuals who haven’t had fortune Spark upon them head and it’s true.

Pichai Sundararajan famously known as “sundar Pichai” born on 10 June 1972 in Madurai Tamil Nadu India his father Reghunatha Pichai worked as an electrical engineer and managed the factory that made electrical components,his mother Lakshmi used to be a stenographer.

Before having children the story began in a place called a short Nagar in Chennai where 35 years ago it a 12 year old sundar pichai held a rotary phone in his young hands for the very first time it was the first phone his family had ever owned!

It was perhaps right then that the possibilities of what a phone could do flooded sunders mind while it may be conjecture one feels compelled to surmise that his love for technology and its unlimited power to make positive changes for people everywhere may have germinated within his being in that very moment.

sundar 1

Pichai’s student life it’s interesting that the man who was able to grab the attention of Google founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin was quietin conspicuous during his school days not too many of faculty the from Jawahaar Vidyalaya and the other school he studied at vana vani matriculation Higher Secondary School remember pichai very clearly.

Sundar was an intelligent boy but a quite one nevertheless. sundars grandmother “ranganayaki” says that while Sundar did not like wasting timehe and his younger brother Srinivasan would play cricket in front of their house after school. later he was captain of his high school cricket team after completing his tenth grade from jawahar vidyalaya shunda moved to vana vani and he completed his 12th grade under Tamil Nadu state board curriculum in 1989 even as a student the current CEO of Google set goals for himself Sundar’s father has spoken several times about how he never had to tell sudar to study because Sundar would be doing it on his own without being told Sundar’s friends also talked about his unwavering attention as he would read a book even in cycle rickshaw and the way to school and back home .

He was so fiercely competitive that he would even fight for a single mark are not present in he had got it later joined IIT Kharagpur for his b tech. Pichai kept a relatively low profile though he was well respected by fellow student as well as professor this continued even during his final year 1993 when he not only talked metallurgy but was also given the Institute’s prestigious silver medal for academic excellence this is also place where he met the woman who would become his wife and life partner one of the biggest challenge Sudha ever faced was proposing to the woman he loved.

The girl who had sundar pichai besotted was Anjali it was characteristic of Sundar that not even his closest friends knew about his interest in Anjali until after they have graduated from IIT later he pursued MS and Stanford University while Sunda proposed to her during their final year in IIT Kharagpur the pichai family gave their consent and the in couple was finally bound in marriage after few years and now have a son Kiran and daughter Kavya he started his career as an engineer and a product manager at semiconductor maker Applied Materials in 2001 sundar joined Mc Kinsey continued to work at the consulting firm for three years before leaving for Google in 2004 it was while at Mc Kinsey that he completed his MBA from Wharton School of Business his stink at Mc Kinsey helped him develop management skills that would later come in handy at Google from very initial days at Google Sundar’s main vision and focus is future-oriented initially he worked on Google search toolbar as a part of a small team

Also worked on Google products like Google gears and Google pack an immense success came when sundar pichai convinced the co founders of Google Sergey Brin and Larry Page to launch Google browser sundar played an important role in final launching of the Google Chrome in 2008 eventually Google Chrome became the number one browser in the world surpassing competitors such as internet Explorer and Firefox following the immense success of the Google Chrome sundar Pichai was promoted to the post of vice-president this was followed by another promotion to senior vice-president a short while later and Larry Page once he said the key part of this reconstructing of Google

Sundar pichai Sunda has been saying the things I would have said and sometimes better for quite some time now and I have been tremendously enjoying of work together when he took on product and engineering responsibilities for our internet business sergey I have been super excited about his progress and dedication to the company sundar pichai became an international famous figure following the thrilling success and in the year 2015 it was a largest gathering in the history of the exhibition for the mobile industry imagine ninety fourt housand participants from more than 2,000 organizations and 200 countries all in one place what mark this particular event tour was not just a significant number of the attendees.

But also the speech given by the Google represented you introduced by Brad stone of Bloomberg business week interestingly Brad stone in a June 2014 article in his magazine I referred to this very personas the most powerful man in mobile the man was none other than sundar Pichaithen senior vice-president at Google and on August 10 2015 he became the CEO of Google eleven years after joining the company the alphabet was formed in 2015 as a Google’s parent company sundar Pichaiwas awarded twenty seven thousand three of the eight shells Google’s holding company alphabet in Feb 2016 and on December 2019 he additionally became the CEO of alpha as of May 2020 sundar pichai has a net worth of 1billion USD.

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