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Folio sheet size Pallet Packing

Aug 31, 2020
Paper converting shrink pallet packing
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Folio Sheet Size shrink Pallet packing

The cut sheet packing units are taken off the stack before
reaching the ream wrapping machine and transported in
correct alignment to the first wrapping unit.
The packing paper is cut,than wrapped around the paper and
glued in place. The packed reams are then stacked and
Pallets with sheet size paper (reamed or bulk-packed) are
wrapped vapour tight with shrinking or wrapping foil. For
transport over longer distances, a covering plate is applied
and the packed pallets are reinforced with loops of steel or
plastic banding.

Pallets packed in vapour tight wrapping do not require a full air-conditioning when in storage. They can be stored in light
and water protected areas. Paper producers and wholesalers
often use high shelf stocks, in which the pallets can
be stored randomly, to be picked by computer-controlled
picking systems.

image 3

MSK Flowtech Packaging system is used for packaging of reams on pallets, Bulk Pallets, and Flexi size cartoon boxes pallets as per packaging standards and customer requirement. Packaging is mainly done to avoid damaged to material and prevent from moisture during transportation to customers.

The MSK Electronic Management System 5.5 is the latest version of MSK Covertech’s advance Human Machine Interface (HMI) hardware and software used for of Shrink Wrapping Paper Pallets.

How to Shrink the Pallets?

  • First test all directions of rotation for the motors. If there is no film load the film and thread it through the system. First operate all functions of the system individually. Select all functions one after the other. Check that the sequence is correct at the same time monitoring the indicator lamps and observing any error messages which may appear
  • The Pallet to be Shrink wrap is transported on roller conveyors
  • Ream Pallets are coming Automatic from Folio Sheet Wrapper, Bulk Pallet from Folio Sheeter and Cartoon boxes pallets from Flexible 6 pockets sheeter are loaded manually on transport conveyor.
  • Pallet will transport from roller conveyor1  to weighing scale roller conveyor where the weight of pallet is measured.
  • Then the pallet is centered , identified  and pallet height is measured
  • After centering the pallet top sheet dispenser is placed on the top.
  • Afterwards the pallet is transported to the MSK Flowtech film wrapping machine.
  • Owing to the conveying movement the pallets are first wrapped by the film on three sides.
  • The welding bars move towards each other and close the film curtain behind the Pallet.
  • While the welding bars are moving towards each other the pallet is conveyed back towards the welding bars and positioned against the stopper just in front of the welding bars.
image 4

Bulk Shrink Pallet packing

  • The film curtain is thus wrapped closely and accurately around the pallet even in the event of different lengths of the pallet.
  • The welding is carried out with a double seam, separated in the middle by a ten edge knife so that the film wrapping is completed, and a new film curtain is formed in one single operation
  • The pallet after covering with the film is transported to MSK Recotech Shrink Frame unit where hot air is blown around the sides of Pallet. Hot air is produce by burning the natural gas in burners and mixed with air
  • Top shrink frame will press the hot air on the top and shrink the pallet
  • Each pallet will have generated bar code which will be scanned by MES system and will be printed on A3 size labels
  • Operator will stick the labels on pallets after shrink film wrap and place the top board
  •  The Pallet after Shrink wrap will transport to MSK strapping unit where pallet is horizontal strapped.
  • The Pallet is carried by MSK Shuttle car for vertical strapping unit after which the pallet is conveyed to ware house
image 6

Ream Wrapped Pallet packing

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