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Environmental Issues

Sep 7, 2020
industrial pollution
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Environmental Issues like Acid rain,over fishing,Deforestation,water pollution,population growth,waste production,Ozone layer depletion,Air pollution,Ocean acidification,Global warming,industrial pollution,the nitrogen cycle,climate change,transportation are main causes to effect life cycle in earth.

  1. Pollution is any change in chemical,physical or biological characteristics of air, land, water or soil. Agents which bring about such an undesirable change are called as pollutants.
  2. In order to control environmental pollution, the Government of India has passed the Environment (Protection) Act, 1986 to protect and improve the quality of our environment (air, water and soil).
  3. There are several ways of removing particulate matter; the most widely used of which is the electrostatic precipitator, which can remove over 99 per cent particulate matter present in the exhaust from a thermal power plant.
  4. It has electrode wires that are maintained at several thousand volts, which produce a corona that releases electrons.
  5. For giving them a net negative charge these electrons attach to dust particles.
  6. The collecting plates are grounded and attract the charged dust particles.
  7. The velocity of air between the plates must be low enough to allow the dust to fall.
  8. A scrubber can remove gases like sulphur dioxide.
  9. In a scrubber, the exhaust is passed through a spray of water or lime.
  10. Recently we have released some particles, according to Central Pollution Control Board, the particulate size 2.5 micrometers or less in diameter (PM 2.5) and these particles are causing for the greatest harm to human health.
  11. These fine particulates can be inhaled deep into the lungs and can cause breathing and respiratory symptoms, irritation, inflammations and damage to the lungs.
  12. In metro city automobiles are a major cause for atmospheric pollution.
  13. Proper maintenance of automobiles along with use of lead-free petrol or diesel can
    reduce the pollutants they emit.
  14. In India,on 1981 the Air Prevention and Control of Pollution Act came into force but was amended in 1987 to include noise as an air pollutant.
  15. A extremely high sound level, 150 dB or more generated by take off of a jet plane or rocket, may damage ear drums thus permanently impairing hearing ability.
  16. Even chronic exposure to a relatively lower noise level of cities may permanently damage hearing abilities of humans.
  17. Noise also causes sleeplessness, increased heart beating, altered breathing pattern, thus considerably stressing humans.
  18. The Government of India has passed the Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution) Act, 1974to safeguard our water resources.
  19. Domestic sewage primarily contains biodegradable organic matter, which readily decomposes.
  20. It is possible to estimate the amount of organic matter in sewage water by measuring Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD).
  21. This causes mortality of fish and other aquatic creatures.
  22. Presence of large amounts of nutrients in waters also causes excessive growth of planktonic (free-floating) algae, called an algal bloom which imparts a distinct colour
    to the water bodies.
  23. Algal blooms is a main causes of deterioration of the water quality and fish mortality. Some
    bloom-forming algae are extremely toxic to human beings and animals.
  24. They grow faster than our ability to remove them.
  25. These are plants of water hyacinth (Eichhornia crassipes), the world’s most
    problematic aquatic weed, also called ‘Terror of Bengal’.
  26. They grow abundantly in eutrophic water bodies, and lead to an imbalance in the
    ecosystem dynamics of the water body.
  27. Biomagnification refers to increase in concentration of the toxicant.
  28. This happens because a toxic substance accumulated by an organism cannot be
    metabolised or excreted, and is thus passed on to the next higher trophic level.
  29. This phenomenon is well-known for mercury and DDT.
  30. Biomagnification of DDT in an aquatic food chain.
  31. Higher concentrations of DDT may causes thinning of eggshell.Also it causes the premature breaking of eggshell that causing to reduce the bird populations.
  32. plant and animal life burgeons, and organic

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